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Upgrades are available to users who have purchased a version upgrade.

Upgrade information can be found at our Upgrade Center.

Support Files:

SQL Version Client Support Files
If you have our SQL version, and one or more of your workstations are having difficulty connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server, you are most likely missing the utilities (dll's) to help you connect.

You can either:
--install the Microsoft SQL Server 'Client Side Utilities' from the original installation disks, or
--install the Bank SQL Client Side Utilities. Our utilities are a subset of the Microsoft Client Side Utilities. Contact your account representative for an unlock code.

Download SQL support files (1.1 MB)

Operating System Preparation
There are two versions of our Program installer:
--1. for Windows 95/98/NT (includes support files)
--2. for Windows ME/2000/XP (no support files)

The support files (MDAC and DCOM) are already built into the newer operating systems.

If you have accidentally installed version #2 on an operating system specified in #1, you may simply install the support file below to bring it current. There is no need to uninstall, then reinstall the program.

Download SupportFiles (9.75 MB)

If you are having trouble downloading or selecting a download, please email Support or call 866 BANK-REC.



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