Bank Positive Pay takes the pain out of participating in banks' Positive Pay programs.

Our award-winning client-side software provides a secure, easy to use, affordable, and automated file creation and transmission solution for businesses who want to participate in their bank's Positive Pay service.

Easily installed on a desktop computer, SQL server, or Citrix Meta Frame Server, Bank Positive Pay is compatible with all bank and accounting packages - providing fully automated, error-free file creation and transmissions.

What we do
Bank Positive Pay creates and transmits check files in any bank format. With easy step-by-step instructions, our series of wizards walk you through the file creation and transmission process from start to finish. In addition, we offer friendly, responsive customer support to ensure that you are up-and-running quickly and easily.

Bank Positive Pay:
· Securely delivers files to your bank via FTP, email or directly to a web portal
· Is compatible with all major accounting packages and payroll services
· Is compatible with all major banks
· Pre-processes check files and transmits them 'ready to post' to the bank
· Allows you to import Excel, Access and Text Files
· Allows you to cut and paste from Excel
· Allows you to export to Excel, XML, HTML
· Checks for duplicate records
· Is easily installed on a desktop without MIS support
· Is easy to use
· Is cost effective
Is also available in a multi-user (SQL) and Citrix version

Your check issue data can be in any common file format, and can be generated by virtually any accounting package or payroll system. Bank Positive Pay is fully compatible with all major US, Canadian and UK bank formats.

Our solutions support SSL and PGP encryptions, and offer unique authentication options for additional levels of security.

Award-winning solutions
Treasury Software is a Microsoft Certified Business Solution Partner, allowing us to provide our clients with seamless support in the Microsoft Windows and SQL Server environment. Additionally, we are a Citrix Access Partner, strengthening our presence in the Citrix MetaFrame environment.

Our solutions have received the Gold Cup Award from CPA Software News: The Independent Voice for Accountants' Software.

Bank Positive Pay product screen shots and specifications

BankPositivePay can be licensed directly by business clients or distributed by banks or VAR's to their clients.

Business clients: Bank Positive Pay software can be installed directly at your desktop location.

Banks: Refer BankPositivePay software to your clients. Or license the software and distribute it directly to your clients, with your unique formats and bank logo preprogrammed into the software. See our Bank Private Label page for branding.

VAR's (Value Added Resellers): Expand and automate your client's existing accounting package or treasury management system with BankPositivePay. See our integration information.

Bank Positive Pay pricing and licensing

Ready to order? Bank Positive Pay is available for immediate download via the Internet. You can test our 7 use free trial version or order directly at our online store.

Want to learn more about creating and transmitting Positive Pay files to your bank? Give us a call. 866-226-5732

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