CUSIP and other Non-Financial Reconciliations

Treasury Software provides a solution for industries such as securities brokers and retailers who seek non-financial reconciliations and matching, including: CUSIP matching, inventory matching, account reconciliation, or any comparison of two lists of data.

Our software provides an easy to use, affordable, automated alternative to manual reconciliations. Whether you're working from Excel, paper statements, or a home grown system…we can help.

Our award-winning software supports Microsoft SQL Server and Citrix Server configurations.

We can help you automate the entire process so you and your staff can focus on the important records - namely the exceptions.

In addition, we provide:
·SQL Server compatibility and security
·Responsive Customer support
·A company with a track record of success
·Affordable and reasonable licensing plans
·Software that fits your business
·Highly documented, mature programs with an on-line Knowledge Base
·Easy installation - can be installed at individual workstations or on a Citrix server (optional).
·Ease of use - We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and fully support 'Copy and Paste' with Excel.

For additional specifications and features, see Bank Reconciliation

Your data can be in any common file format, such as:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Text files - Fixed Width
Text files - Comma Delimited (csv)
Text files - Tab Delimited
In addition, you can simply 'Copy and Paste' data directly from Microsoft Excel.

Award-winning solution
Designated a Verified for Windows XP software application by Microsoft, we are a Microsoft Certified Partner. In addition, Bank Positive Pay received the Gold Cup Award from CPA Software News, "The Independent Voice for Accountants' Software."

For pricing and licensing - (Matching Edition)

Custom programming, including import and custom matching rules, is additional. Please contact a representative for a guaranteed fixed price quote.

How to order: is available for immediate download via the Internet. You can take a product tour; download a free 7 use trial version; or order directly through our online store.

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