Matching Edition and Public Reporting Edition takes the pain out of preparing bank reconciliations and other data reconciliations.

Our software provides an easy to use, affordable, automated alternative to manual reconciliations. Regardless of whether you're in or out of balance, or whether you performed your most recent bank reconciliation last week or last year - we can help.

Our award-winning software is easily installed on your desktop and is compatible with all major bank and accounting packages to provide fully automated importing, matching and reporting. For multi-user environments, a SQL version is available.

Our easy point-and-click interface makes bank reconciliation, well, almost fun.

What we do first imports your Bank and General Ledger data and matches them - automatically and error free - at a rate of approximately 4,000 records per minute.

Then, most importantly, you can identify, track and resolve your exceptions. Additional features include full reporting capabilities so you can produce standard reports for your auditors, as well as on-demand reports for your management team.

With step-by-step instructions, our series of wizards will walk you through the reconciliation process from start to finish. In addition, we offer full customer support to ensure that you are up-and-running quickly and easily.
· Is compatible with all major accounting packages and payroll services
· Allows you to import Excel, Access and Text Files
· Allows you to cut and paste from Excel
· Allows you to export to Excel, XML, HTML
· Is easily installed on a desktop without MIS support
· Is cost effective
· Is easy to use
· Is available in a multi-user SQL and Citrix version

Your data can be in any common file format and can be generated by virtually any accounting package, payroll system or on-line banking system.

Sarbannes-Oxley Compliance
Public Reporting Edition Public Reporting Edition prepares a fully balanced reconciliation report.

When properly completed, this 'Audit Ready' report:

-Satisfies the requirements of an external audit by public auditors
-Satisfies the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404
-Retains historical transactional data for matching and adjustments

Award-winning solutions
Treasury Software is a Microsoft Certified Business Solution Partner, allowing us to provide our clients with seamless support in the Microsoft Windows and SQL Server environment. Additionally, we are a Citrix Access Partner, strengthening our presence in the Citrix MetaFrame environment.

Our solutions have received the Gold Cup Award from CPA Software News: The Independent Voice for Accountants' Software.

How to order: is available for immediate download via the Internet. You can take a product tour; download a free 7 use trial version; or order directly through our online store.

Business clients: Bank Reconciliation software can be installed directly at your desktop location.

VAR's (Value Added Resellers): Expand and automate your client's existing accounting package or treasury management system with Bank Please visit our VAR information page.

Bank Reconciliation pricing and licensing

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