BAI to Excel file conversion with BAI2Excel™

Treasury Software provides a solution for banking professionals and treasury managers who want to work with BAI (Bank Administration Institute) files in a Microsoft Excel environment.

The BAI format is the most commonly used file in inter-bank communication of account balance and activity. It has also become a popular format for bank-to-customer reporting for corporate customers with advanced needs.

Our software provides an easy to use, affordable utility to convert BAI files to comma delimited files (csv) which can be opened in any version of Excel.

BAI-2-Excel converts all of the account activity contained in the BAI file, prepares data in a tabular (row and column) format, and appends each row with appropriate header information including date, account number and days to clear (distributed time frame).

In addition, the system signs the amount column (debit vs. credit) based on the BAI code, and provides all of the fields associated with each transaction such as:

·Account Number
·Bank Reference
·Customer Reference
·BAI Code
·Funds Type
·Distributed: Immediate Availability
·Distributed: 1-Day Availability
·Distributed: > 1-Day Availability

Our award-winning software is easy to use and easy to install.

In addition, we provide:

·Responsive customer support
·An established track record of success
·Affordable and reasonable licensing plans
·Software that fits your business
·Highly documented, mature programs with an on-line Knowledge Base
·Easy installation - can be installed at individual workstations.
·Ease of use - We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and fully support exporting to Excel (via csv).


BAI2Excel is available as part of our Bank Reconciliation Software. Click here for information on Bank Reconciliation Pricing and Licensing.

·Custom programming is not included. Please contact a representative for a guaranteed fixed price quote.

How to order:

You can order directly through our online store.

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