ACH Universal™

ACH Universal™ allows you to easily create and transmit ACH transactions for:

• Collections from customers

• Payments to vendors

• Payroll to employees

• Consolidating funds between accounts in different banks.

With ACH Universal, you can create and transmit an ACH file in CTX, PPD/PPD+, CCD/CCD+ ARC, POP, WEB, TEL, RCK and other NACHA-standard formats.

Easily installed on a desktop, SQL or Citrix Meta Frame Server, ACH Universal provides an easy to use, affordable, automated file creation and transmission solution for businesses who want to participate in their bank's ACH service. Fully compatible with all bank and accounting packages, ACH Universal provides fully automated, error-free ACH file creation and transmissions.

Ease of use - Startup
ACH Universal is easily installed without MIS support. The ACH Universal Setup Wizard assists you in entering the setup information provided by your bank.

If you already have the setup information from your bank (routing number, account number, password, etc), you can download the software now, and be up-and-running today.

Ease of use- Entering data
You can bring in your data from virtually any accounting, payroll or billing system. You can even import, or 'Copy and Paste', from an Excel spreadsheet. Once you've brought data in, the system will automatically remember your settings.

Transmitting ACH File transmission
Depending on your bank's system, ACH Universal can transmit the ACH file to your bank via FTP or email, or take you to login to your bank's web portal.

Installed at your location, ACH Universal can be fully automated to accept data from your accounting system, create an ACH file, and then transmit it directly to your bank.

Our Easy Steps program assists you throughout the process and contains context-sensitive help. In addition, free phone support is available to help you get up-and-running - quickly and easily.

Universal Compatibility-

Our Commitment to Design
Our software works with your accounting package, billing system, payroll system, or industry specific application. It is an 'add-on', not a replacement.

Whether your existing system is a stand-alone version of Quickbooks, an enterprise-wide implementation of PeopleSoft, or you simply have transactions in an Excel spreadsheet -we can work with your data.

Think of ACH Universal as an ACH 'Plug-and-Play' for your existing system.


With ACH Universal, creating and transmitting an ACH file is now only a 2-step process:

1) Run a report from your accounting, billing, or industry specific system for the transactions you want to create - and import this into ACH Universal.

If your accounting system cannot store account and ABA/routing numbers, ACH Universal will automatically lookup this information for each transaction.

2) Click 'Transmit to Bank' - the system will create the ACH file and transmit it to your bank.

Remember - with its built-in scheduler, you can automate the import, file creation and transmission process.

Done! ACH Universal then sends a confirmation email to you, a colleague, your bank, or other recipient that you designate, indicating that the process was completed.

Feature Listing
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Technical Information
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There are no recurring fees, service charges or usage fees of any kind (Note: maintenance support after 90 days is optional).
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Why Treasury Software?
Treasury Software is the leading provider of client-side file creation and transmission software for Positive Pay, ACH, BAI, bank reconciliation and custom cash management solutions. Designated a Verified for Windows XP software application by Microsoft, Treasury Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Winner of the Gold Cup Award from CPA Software News, Treasury Software is recognized for its comprehensive customer support and easy to use, secure and cost effective solutions.

Business clients: License ACH Universal and install it directly at your desktop location. Our software is compatible with all banks and we ensure that you can create and transmit to your bank - in NACHA standard format.

Banks: Refer ACH Universal software to your clients. Or license the software and distribute it directly to your clients, with your unique formats and bank logo preprogrammed into the software. See our Bank Private Label page for private label branding.

For a White Paper on Web-based vs. Windows-based bank applications

VAR's (Value Added Resellers): Expand and automate your clients' existing accounting package or treasury management system with ACH Universal. Please see our integration information and visit our VAR resource page.

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